I’m an Illustrator from Glasgow, Scotland and now based in Helsinki, Finland. I have over 15 years experience as an editorial and cover illustrator for magazines and academic journals and have also created animations, comics and designs for clients internationally.

I enjoy the illustration process and working collaboratively with clients to find imaginative solutions and interpretations that fit their needs. Much of my work involves drawing people, the built environment, interior spaces and intriguing landscapes. Several previous clients have been public sector or academic publications with social justice themes, and I strive to ensure that the images I create represent people respectfully and with dignity.

I use media like ink, charcoal, charcoal pencils, colour pencils, watercolour and occasionally printmaking techniques especially linocut. I also make use of layering, photomontage and collage.

I frequently use digital media for post-production and colour. I have professional knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and some open-source packages like Krita.

Outside of illustration and communication design, I have a keen interest in urban studies and planning.

If you’d like to commission me or discuss possible collaborations feel free to get in touch.

Email: davidpeterkerr (at) posteo.net

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I am a member of Kuvittajat ry
(The Finnish Illustration Association)
and Cartoon Movement

Bella Caledonia, Bluelight Stop Motion Ltd, Courrier International Magazine, Helsinki City Council – Urban Environment Division, Island Books Trust, Lancet Journal of Infectious Diseases, Lancet Journal of Diabetes & Endocrinology, New Internationalist Magazine, NHS Scotland, Robin Dingemans Choreographer, SOSkieli (University of Helsinki / Åbo Akademi University), Stir to Action Magazine, The Ferret, Urban Matters Journal (Malmö University), Variant Magazine.

Press/ Reviews:
Comics Journal (US)
Creative Digest (UK)
Blok (Croatia)
Pagina Siete (Bolivia)
Edno/ Tsarino (Bulgaria)
Muf (Croatia)
Nummer 9 (Denmark)

MA Royal College of Art - Communication Art and Design - 2004 - 2006

BA (Hons) Glasgow School of Art - Visual Communication (Illustration) - 2000 - 2004

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