I’m an Illustrator from Glasgow originally.

If you’d like to commission me or discuss possible collaborations feel free to get in touch: davidpeterkerr@posteo.net

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  • BA(Hons) Visual Communication -
    Glasgow School of Art

  • MA RCA Communication Art and Design -
    Royal College of Art

Visit my Etsy & Payhip stores online or have 
a look in one of the following retailers:
Aye Aye Books, Glasgow
Calton Books, Glasgow
Crisp Shop, Edinburgh
Disparate, Bordeaux

News From Nowhere, Liverpool
War Gallery, London

Lancet Medical Journal
New Internationalist
Island Books Trust
Robin Dingemans Choreographer
Bella Caledonia
Variant Magazine

Press/ Reviews:
Comics Journal (US)
Creative Digest (UK)
Blok (Croatia)
Pagina Siete (Bolivia)
Edno/ Tsarino (Bulgaria)
Muf (Croatia)
Nummer 9 (Denmark)

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