I’m an Illustrator from Glasgow originally.

If you’d like to commission me or discuss possible collaborations feel free to get in touch: davidpeterkerr@posteo.net

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Alumni of:
  • BA(Hons) Visual Communication -
    Glasgow School of Art

  • MA RCA Communication Art and Design -
    Royal College of Art

Previous/ Current Clients:
Courrier International
Helsinki City Council
Lancet Medical Journal
The Ferret
Urban Matters Journal
New Internationalist
Island Books Trust
Robin Dingemans Choreographer
Bella Caledonia
Variant Magazine

Press/ Reviews:
Comics Journal (US)
Creative Digest (UK)
Blok (Croatia)
Pagina Siete (Bolivia)
Edno/ Tsarino (Bulgaria)
Muf (Croatia)
Nummer 9 (Denmark)

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